In 1939 Norm Paech went to Oakbank to work for Tidswell & Gower trading as Oakbank Motors. In October 1939 Tidswell & Gower decided to sell out and offered the business to Norm. The price asked was £240-0-0 ($480.00) Norm had very little money. Wage was £3-10-0 ($7.00) a week out of which he had to pay a £1-0-0 ($2.00) a week for board. In the early part of his life he worked on his father’s farm for his keep and a little pocket money.
However his father banked for him a total amount of £40-0-0 ($80.00), which was considered to be a yearly wage. Discussing the matter with Winifred Alma Schapel, to whom he was engaged to be married, they decided to give it a go and made the following proposition, pay £240-0-0 ($480.00) with £40-0-0 ($80.00) deposit balance at a £1-0-0 ($2.00) a week and no interest charges.